Common Violations

Top 10 ADA Violations

The Americans with Disabilities Act may have been passed over 23 years ago, but apparently that still isn’t enough time for businesses to get their act together when it comes to following all aspects of the law. ADA violations happen every day all over the country with many businesses feeling the ultimate sting of not complying – being shut down.

But being shut down doesn’t have to be the end result. The government gives plenty of time to businesses to do what is right.  Here are the 10 most common ADA violations.

  1. PARKING. Accessible parking not provided, incorrect amount of spaces, not correctly located on the property, dimensions of spaces and or access aisles not correct, surfaces too steep, signage not correct or not provided.

  2. RESTROOMS. Entry doors not sufficient size, door signage missing, incorrect type, or mounted wrong, route to accessible compartment not wide enough, accessible compartment not sized correctly, grab bars missing or wrong locations, fixtures non-compliant types, or installed at wrong locations, accessories wrong types or installed at wrong locations.

  3. DOORWAYS. Doors too small, door maneuvering clearance not provided or blocked, non-compliant hardware, excessive opening force, excessive closing speeds, thresholds too high or wrong type.

  4. Accessible Routes. Signage missing, obstructions along the route, excessive slopes and cross slopes, hazardous surfaces.

  5. PEDESTRIAN RAMPS. Excessive slopes or cross slopes, landings not the correct size, landings have excessive slopes, handrails missing or installed at wrong height, handrail extension not configured correctly.

  6. CURB RAMPS. Slopes too steep, dimensions not correct, detectable warnings missing or not positioned correctly.

  7. STAIRS. Missing the contrasting striping, treads and risers not correct dimensions, uneven treads and risers, missing handrails, or handrails not mounted correctly, handrail extensions missing or not configured correctly.

  8. SEATING. No accessible seating provided, route to accessible seating blocked or not provided, table wrong type for compliant height and knee clearance.

  9. SIGNAGE. Outdated, missing, wrong height, wrong location.

  10. EXITS. Blocked or exit signs missing or wrong type or wrong locations.